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3D Laser Scanning & Inspection Services

3D Laser Scanning & CAD Services

3D Laser Scanning Offshore and Onshore

We have one of the best 3D laser systems available with an unconventional engineering survey team to carry our 3D laser survey on both offshore and onshore locations. Data capture using laser technology is faster than the conventional documentation techniques and the data output is compatible with most 3D modeling packages including Autodesk AutoCAD, Aveva E3D/PDMS, Autoplant, MicroStation. Etc.

Brownfield Design Verification (Pipefit Assurance Services)

Our team expertly conducts Pipefit & Structural Fit Assurance (Design Verification) on brownfield new design utilizing the laser scan data of the facility and the 3D CAD models of the new design package.

We provide information on whether the new design fits into an existing facility and enables us to fix all clashes and misalignments prior to load out and installation.

The resulting construction status isometrics and deliverables from this process fits at first install and eliminates all delays/standby’s that would have been encountered during installation.

We pride ourselves in helping clients achieve a first-time fit installation of As-Fabricated spools, structures and other related items offshore and onshore as well as like-for-like replacement services.

Below are the advantages of our Pipefit assurance service:

  • Issued for construction status isometrics is output from our 3D packages reducing significantly drafting time by 70%. (Saves time during project review)

  • Clash-free design is achieved.

  • Reduced Barge time.

  • Elimination of standby which usually occurs during spool rework offshore.

  • First time fit up is achieved reducing project expenses.

  • Reduce multiple field trips.

  • Superimposition of all new design lines into the digitized facility is shared across the internet and our client can carry out constructability review on their workstations.

Fabrication Assurance & Dimension Control Services

Using the laser scanning technology, our team of engineers can verify fabricated spools and ensure that all fabricated items are in proper alignment with the IFC drawings before being shipped to offshore location for installation.

Fabrication errors which cannot be detected using traditional methods are identified and resolved. Such errors include but not limited to bolt hole rotation errors, flange skew errors, fitting orientations errors, flange and fitting specifications errors, etc.

Our fabrication assurance service will help the client achieve the below at a minimum.

  • Prevents onsite modification.

  • Prevents standby of entire construction/installation personnel during major spool modification at site.

  • Errors on multiple spool can be transferred to one spool and modified accordingly.

Like for Like Replacement of Corroded Pipes and Structures

Using our laser scanning technology, we generate new detailed isometrics, structures and other required items required for replacement of their corroded equivalent offshore and onshore.

Physical corroded pipes/items are digitized and converted into detailed IFC drawings that will install at first time fit.

2D & 3D As-Built Documentation

We have a uniquely qualified team of designers and engineers ready to create professional 2D and 3D as-built drawings and they deliver complete multi-disciplinary as-built documentation for offshore and onshore facilities. This includes piping, structural, mechanical, Instrument, control, electrical process disciplines.

From our laser scan data, an intelligent 3D model of an entire facility can be generated. This serves to aid revamp work and construction planning. Continuous training and development ensure that our deliverables meet the required level of details

Paper to CAD Conversion (Vectorization)

Paper to CAD Conversion (Vectorization): Scanned paper drawings can be converted into native CAD files in minutes using our suite of software and experience.

Inspection & Tank/Storage Vessel Calibration Services

Our Storage Tank Inspection, Audit and Calibration Services

Our inspection services are backed by many years of active research and development. We perform tank conformity assessment, tank calibration and tank geometric survey using 3D laser scanning technology.

  • Horizontal & Vertical Tank Calibration/Inspection

  • 3D Modelling of Tank Floor and Shell

  • Assessment of Conformity Reporting

  • Automated Tank Floor Volume Measurement

  • External Thickness Measurements and Calculation Reviews

  • Tracing of System Leaks and Assessment of Material Strength

  • Pressure Testing

  • Surface and Underground Tank Calibration

  • LPG Vessel Calibration: to verify the quality and quantity of vessels.

  • Estimated Tank Life and Repair Recommendation

Our NDT Services

We perform the below non-destructive testing (NDT) for pipe, tanks, structural tubular profiles.

  • Dye Penetrate Testing (DPT or DPI)

  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MPI)

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

  • Radiographic Testing (RT)

  • Visual Inspection and so on